We provide professional video assist and QTAKE services for film and TV productions in Estonia and the Baltics.

Get in touch: johan@videoassist.ee

Specialised in car commercials

Gone are the days (and delays!) of reviewing playback from the camera after it returns back to base.
Specialised antennas and transmitters ensure better quality and a longer range for wireless video, but video is also backed up by Cloud. Should wireless fail or be impossible, 4G streaming and Cloud backup allow for streaming or playback over the internet.
In places with no internet connection at all, proxy files get downloaded over super speedy local Wi-Fi the moment the camera car gets in its range. That allows the video operator to play back everything that was missed without having to wait on the camera to slowly scrub through its own playback while the set stands idle.

Dailies ready and organised the moment the camera cuts

Want to check the last shot during lunch or after wrap?
It’s on your iPad along with important notes and metadata about every take we’ve recorded. The best part? The editor also has the same available to them; no time needs to be spent organizing the takes in post since that has already been done on set. Huge time and money savings.

Recording and playback for 4 cameras at once

We despise the comfort zone - should a project call for it, upgrading to record and playback up to 8xHD cameras at once is possible.

Portable and Powered by 12V

Speed is key, and taking heavy battery generators out of the equation makes QTAKE more versatile than ever. Hiking up a sandy hill? No problem at all.

Director’s Station and Intercom

The director’s station - in whichever configuration they prefer - is equipped with a two-way intercom with the video operator allowing constant and fluid conversation.

Local streaming Wi-Fi that covers the set

Mesh Wi-Fi reaches every corner of the set, allowing the props on set to work on set and the script supervisor to always get close to the action.